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This is my personal endorsement of the Eti-Keys Training Group and the curriculum that comprise that endeavor. Eti-Keys has found early success and is gaining momentum, and I believe this is due to the great need for the instruction that is contained within the program. The principles taught in the various components of the program, such as courtesy, generosity, honesty and leadership are essential for success in tomorrow’s marketplace. However, these qualities are often overlooked in the current public school systems. That is why Eti-Keys is such an essential program for children and students today. William J. Chatlos, III, Vice President, The Chatlos Foundation

The Chatlos Foundation
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Central Florida Preparatory School

Your service to all those young people who are receiving your guidance is more valuable than you can imagine. This knowledge will “unlock doors” that many people don’t realize would have been locked for them. Please know that if we can be of Service in support of you or your enterprise that we are only a phone call away. John W. Campbell, President, Curtis Protective Services, Inc. 

The exponential gain from these few students we expect to have immeasurable gains as they share the information gathered from this knowledge. COMPACT highly endorsed the services provided by Eti-Keys Training group as a method to open the eyes of our students to a larger world around them and to get them better prepared for a life of great expectations!  Rocky Robinson, Program Manager, COMPACT Orlando

The Memorial Middle School After-School All-Stars Students and Staff greatly appreciate the services provided by your organization. Thank you so much for committing your time to help ensure that our students are prepared for the future. The information given will have an overall positive affect on our students and their future endeavors. We look forward to a continued partnership. Lula G. Kegler, Community Coordinator, Memorial Middle School After-School All-Stars

I have been aware of your Eti-Keys organization for some time, and I just want to applaud you for persevering in this. You are right on target. This training is so important for the youth of today, because these principles just aren’t being taught anymore. Kathy Thomas, Volunteer 

The emphasis on respect, civility, anti-bullying, and mannerisms found within your modules will greatly add to our program and offer strong life skills to our participants ... and prove to be to the benefit of the youth and communities we work with. Cynthia Valdez, Primary Prevention Coordinator, Harbor House of Central Florida

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Providing Youth With Vital "Eti-Keys" To Open Doors That Otherwise Would be Closed

I highly recommend Eti-Keys for your school, after school program, church group, or camp. The program is free and easy to use. If you want to change the culture of your school, or provide your teachers with another tool to help students become successful in and out of the classroom, Eti-Keys is the solution. Rowena Flanders-Ramos, Director,

Central Florida Preparatory School

The Chatlos Foundation

You were wonderful to join us for Teach In Day and our Tech Fest to discuss the values of character-building and etiquette training. Many of our business partners were delighted to see your program blended into our technology conference. Your sessions are invaluable to our mission and goals. I believe Eti-Keys’ Training Program is a wonderful resource for all schools to incorporate in their curriculum. Cathy Alper, Career Specialist, Crooms

Academy of Information Technology

Harbor House of Central Florida