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We want to certify as many educators and interested adults as possible to facilitate the presentation of our modules. We offer two certifications: one specific to children age 7 to 12 and another focused on teens age 13 to 18.

Our training program, which includes a dining tutorial, will step you through our easy-to-use facilitator guide and modules and includes a dining tutorial. The cost of certification is $500; however, it may be possible for the fee to be paid by a grant or sponsor. The fee includes use of the materials for five years.


Eti-Keys regularly conducts facilitator certification training. Call us for current dates, times and more information at 407-521-8992.  

Eti Keys Training Group Facilitator Graduation


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Providing Youth With Vital "Eti-Keys" To Open Doors That Otherwise Would be Closed

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Eti Keys Training Group Facilitator Graduation

Partner with us by sponsoring one of our signature events. Donate funds to train and certify facilitators. Your generosity can make a lasting difference.

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Our fundraising events are fun and we love volunteers to help  ensure we are as successful as possible. Invest a few hours and share the dividends!

From legal and financial to marketing and technology, share your professional knowledge, skills and expertise as needed to help us better manage and promote our programs. 

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Eti Keys Training Group Facilitator Graduation

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