Eti Keys Training Group Inc

Providing Youth With Vital "Eti-Keys" To Open Doors That Otherwise Would be Closed

Eti Keys Training Group Workshop
Eti Keys Training Group 13 - 18 years old Workbook

We invite you to become a partner in our extraordinary mission, which has now become available nationwide. Together we can help our children reach their full potential. Our training modules can give confidence  to all youth, but especially to those who feel socially, academically, economically or culturally disenfranchised and those in foster care. Our programs are designed to help build a foundation that will encourage students to feel more self-confident and positive about their fellow human beings, our nation and their own futures. The Eti-Keys Training Group, Inc. relies on community leaders, foundations and others in a position to sponsor or underwrite our efforts. Contact us if you or someone you know, would like to contribute your time or funding to this worthy initiative and make a difference today. 

Eti Keys Training Group Workshop

Based on our research, education and experience, there is no universally available classroom program that offers the range of civility education to public, private, charter or home schools as the Eti-Keys initiative does.  

Our programs are delivered in cooperation with school leadership, teachers, parents, caregivers, and organizations that reach students in the formative years when they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood.  Eti-Keys modules and programs are available at no cost to community, social, sports and civic organizations that have a primary focus on youth.  

Through grants and private contributions, teachers and adults are certified as facilitators to guide and support delivery of our customized training modules that include workbooks, suggested exercises and other age-appropriate materials. We offer dozens modules that cover a wide range of topics being developing in digital format to be watched anywhere at any time.

Eti-Keys has translated the teen workbook into Spanish enabling students living in primarily Spanish-speaking households to share the information and exercises with their parents and caregivers.

Eti Keys Training Group Dining Tutorial

Etiquette . Magic Words
Looking Good

Pet Care
Honesty . Posture
Greeting Others
Gifts of Kindness
Thank You Notes
Bullying and Disrespect
Public Places
Electronic Etiquette
Eating is Fun

Table Manners

Etiquette . Here’s Looking at You . Meeting and Greeting  Name Badges
Volunteering .
Thank You Notes . Bullying and Disrespect . Honesty
Pet Care . Conversation
Pressure Points
Public Places .

Electronic Etiquette
Nutrition . Table Manners

Eti Keys Training Group 7 - 12 years old Workbook